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It isAITXThe stock price has slowly recovered in recent days as demand for US equities has recovered. It rose to $0.0076, its highest level since Oct. 14. It is up more than 22% from its lowest point this year. Still, the stock is down more than 95% from its all-time high, giving the penny stock a market cap of around $35.13 million.


  1. AITX company profile
  2. Current AITX financial reports
  3. Basics of AITX
  4. AITX 2022 stock forecast
  5. AITX daily chart
  6. AITX 2025 stock forecast
  7. AITX 2030 stock forecast
  8. Is AITX a good investment?

AITX company profile

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITX)was founded on March 25, 2010 by John B. Crawford. Today the company is headquartered in Ferndale, Michigan. Today, the company is committed to providing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. The focus is on AI-driven technologies that can be coupled with general-purpose hardware and easily integrated into custom software and cloud services. In addition, they are also involved in the automation and integration of security, concierge and operational tasks.

The AITX company has several subsidiaries, including Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), Robotic Assistance Devices Group, Robotic Assistance Devices Mobile, On the Move Experience and OMV Transports. One of the main products the company is involved in is security robots like ROAMEO.

Current AITX financial reports

AITX didn't have the best financial growthin the last years. In fiscal 2020, the company reported net income of negative $5.9 million. That loss was an improvement over 2019 figures, when the company posted a net loss of $6.21 million.

Looking at quarterly numbers for 2021, the company posted a net loss of $35.9 million for the first quarter. This was followed by another net loss of $4.8 million in the second quarter and a net loss of $7 million in the third quarter. The company also did not have the best quarterly sales figures. In the first quarter of 2021, the company posted sales of $560,000. In the second and third quarters, the company reported revenue of $141,000 and $373,000, respectively.

The company's balance sheet for the third quarter of 2021 also reveals an interesting fact about the company's financial health. The company had a debt ratio of over 270%. The company's assets were also less than its liabilities. According to financial reports, the company had assets of $9.27 million and liabilities of $25.37 million.

In October, AITX reported strong financial results. Subscription revenue increased by 85%. They surpassed $228,000 in Q3. It also increased its gross profit margin to 87%. Notably, it continued to dilute shareholders through equity issues. On October 21, the company received $4 million in stock. She expects to receive an additional $4 million to $6 million by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, a subsidiary of AITX called Robotic Assistance Devices recently received multiple orders for 33 security robots. They will be delivered to four different customers and will include 28 ROSAs and five TOM robots. It's unclear how much of those funds will go directly to AITX.

$AITXMarkets are down for us (obviously), but money is always looking for a good home. Our ownership structure today lends itself to flexibility with non-toxic debt offerings. Good companies on the right track with the right leadership and a little luck will stay funded.

— Steve Reinharz (@SteveReinharz)October 25, 2022

Basics of AITX

AITX is a holding company that owns three companies, including Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), Robotic Assistance Mobile Devices (RAD.M) and Robotic Assistance Devices Group (RAD-G). These companies manufacture products used to serve stationary workflow automation solutions. It is a business-focused company that targets companies in the manufacturing sector.

In recent months, AITX has made significant moves in the market that will position it as a provider of AI hardware solutions in the markets. These actions include the announcement that its subsidiary Robotic Assistance Devices Inc (RAD) has signed Prudential Alarm as its new authorized dealer. The company also said that it has received an order for several security robots through this collaboration. The company will thus increase its sales in the coming years.

The company has also received orders from the Texas Dealer Pro Security Group. The orders were for ROSA autonomous security robots and were ordered through its subsidiary RAD. The company also recently announced that it will launch RAD light my way, an integrated facility and campus security application. By taking these steps, the company will continue to gain momentum and increase sales. The RAD subsidiary has also expressed interest in Red Hawk Casino, where they would work together, with RAD supplying the ROAMEO mobile security robot.

AITX 2022 stock forecast

AITX stock prices have been moving sideways for the past few days. While the last four days have been bullish due to a lack of volatility, the stock price has remained relatively low with almost no noticeable gains in the market. As a result, AITX stock prices are trading at $0.0164 today, a far cry from 2018 prices when shares were trading above $7,000.

To create an AITX stock forecast for 2022, we need to put the events of the last few months into context. The current long-term slump started on February 9, 2021, and since then, the stock price has lost over 95% of its value. Prices have also been trading inside a descending channel that started on June 04, 2021. If you look at the AITX daily chart, you will see that the AITX stock price has marked a new low of $0.0147 for the past few weeks. The chart also shows that prices have made several unsuccessful attempts to drop. This triggered a sideways price movement that lasted from December 30th until now.

These sideways trades and recent support and resistance levels may give us an idea of ​​where I think AITX shares will trade towards the end of the year. My 2022 AITX stock forecast sees prices trading around the $0.051 resistance level. This will represent a 208% increase from current prices. Although the return on investment seems very high, AITX has shown that it can increase dramatically in a very short period of time. This is best illustrated when the stock price is up 94% in three days, a move that started on Oct 15, 2021. I expect prices to trade in the yellow area on the daily chart below.

AITX daily chart

AITX Stock Prediction for 2022, 2025 and 2030: AITX Stocks Have a Bright Future - InvestingCube (1)

AITX 2025 stock forecast

My AITX stock prediction for 2025 is that prices will trade above $0.1. This will be an average growth of 41% between 2023 and 2025. While this number is conservative given the recent history of price action, which has shown that AITX stock prices can increase at this rate in less than a week, I expect shares will grow at a relatively steady rate between 2023 and 2025. However, there is still a chance that AITX shares will trade between $0.5 and $1.00 by 2025.

AITX 2030 stock forecast

My AITX stock forecast for 2030 sees the stock breaking above the $1 mark and trading between $5 and $10. This is a conservative forecast and there is a likelihood that prices will reach $20 by 2030.

Is AITX a good investment?

AITX is a perfect investment for long term investors. Stocks have shown their volatility in the past, where prices can rise as much as 94% in three days. However, as my analysis for 2022 shows that prices could rise more than 200% before the end of the year, the return on investment is higher than most traditional investment institutions, which have returns below 20%.

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