Call of Duty DFS Roster Picks (5/25/23) - DraftKings Daily Fantasy COD Tips (2023)

Call of Duty DFS Roster Picks (5/25/23) - DraftKings Daily Fantasy COD Tips (1)

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Hello eSports DFS Enthusiasts and welcome back to RotoBaller coverage of the Call of Duty DFS Contest for DraftKings! The sweep of Florida in last weekend's article was great, but the LA Thieves don't look like they used to. This is the start of the fifth and final Major of the CDL season. Then we have the Champs where eight teams will fight for Call of Duty glory. LA Thieves won the last Major, will they continue their crazy losing streak or will they succeed?

This is definitely one of my favorite sports to follow here on RotoBaller as I play a ton of COD myself and I like to think I'm pretty good at it too. I've been following COD League for about five years and finally put all that knowledge to the test! Our first day of games is full of great matchups, first Atlanta FaZe vs. Las Vegas Legion and then Toronto Ultra vs. NY Subliners. Then the red-hot Optic Texas will take on the Florida Mutineers and finally the Boston Breach will take on the rising Minnesota Rokkru.

Today I bring you my COD DFS tips, analysis and lineups for eSports DFS contests on DraftKings atThursday, May 25, 2023. ili 1:30 PM EST.Follow me on Twitter @DFSKbyor find me on Discord as I'd love to connect with readers and try to answer your questions!

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Call of Duty: Major Five

Best of 5

  • Atlanta FaZe (-600) vs Las Vegas Legion (+375)
  • Toronto Ultra (-150) vs NY Subliners (+115)
  • Optic Texas (-525) protiv Florida Rebelsa (+340)
  • Boston Breach (-150) vs. Minnesota Rokkr (+115)

Slate review

Vegas is still in contention for a championship spot, but will need some help if they want to break through. They were given the brutal task of taking on Atlanta FaZe in the first match of the day. For Vegas, this is a real deal as they need to pick up a few wins here to still have a shot at the Champs. Although they beat good teams in Seattle, Minnesota and the NYSL. They were also defeated against FaZe in their qualifiers. Vegas is going to need a miracle and I'm all for the underdog story, but I just don't understand how they do it. They might steal a card or two, but I don't see Vegas doing enough SnD to steal a game. Give me Atlanta 3-1, but I wouldn't be surprised by a draw either.

At this point, NYSL's best chance to win is to steal a tough point, they are by far the better team in SnD right now, but Toronto has very good control. I believe how this game ends depends on how the fourth game goes. It could end in a 3-1 Toronto win or a 3-2 NYSL win. I'm leaning Toronto Ultra, but it's going to be one heck of a matchup and I don't think you can go wrong picking either side.

I want to believe Florida has a chance here, but they actually passed the toughest test of anyone on this list. Optic just beat this team 3-0 less than 4 days ago. Florida will have to pull off a bigger miracle than Vegas. Florida played hard towards the end of the season, but it won't work out as Optic wins this game again 3-0.

Here's where things get interesting. Minnesota seemed to make the right move, Fame returned to SMG as he should and Attach returned to the lineup and it worked for them. They won both games against tough opponents in LAT and Toronto. On the other hand, Boston has been a tough team to beat this season and I don't seem to understand them very well. Minnesota has had a decent run against inferior teams in the Major Four. That being said, I'm betting Minnesota 3-2.

COD DFS Osnove

  1. Similar to CSGO, players get two points for a kill and take a -1 penalty for dying. Therefore, the simplest statistic worth paying attention to is the K/D ratio.
  2. You must save space for the team in both places. Teams earn fantasy points for games won (+4), matches won (+10) and search and destroy/control rounds won (+0.5).
  3. Teams will play best of three games in different game modes. These modes and the order in which they are played are as follows: Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, Control, Hardpoint, Search & Destroy.
  4. In hardpoint rounds, players with a positive K/D tend to be the best scorers, and those rounds are often the bloodiest.
  5. They also changed their style of play from dominating to controlling in league play. This will be completely different in the game as it is based on rounds rather than 1 to 200. They play by winning between one and three rounds. You win by winning both points or by killing the enemy team until they run out of lives. One team defends and the other attacks.
  6. This year there is a cleanup bonus as both teams and players can get a 20 player point grab and a five point team grab. In case they sweep, they also get a bonus of 20 points if they don't play Hardpoint and five points if they don't play the final Search and Destroy map. This gives a total of 45 additional points, which will be very important this year.

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COD Reflections of a DFS captain

Shottzy:Shotzzy was on the run. He scored over 105 DKP in 6 straight games and 153 DKP in his last appearance against the same team he faces tomorrow. During Major Five qualifiers he averaged 1.13 K/D in HP, 1.63 in SnD and 1.00 in Control. We're getting it at a steep discount of $9,400, which is $800 cheaper than its fellow Dash. If he can maintain his level of play at this Major, we are looking at Shotzzy's strong performance as captain.

Sklecony:With Scrappy in the captaincy, it will be very difficult to get a solid lineup, and he is priced at 10.6k. But he was definitely one of the most consistent players this year. He has a great pairing with the NYSL, which is a team that can keep him close. And when I see a team that can stick close, I see a lot of kills.

Scrappy has a much higher engagement rate than his teammates. During qualifying he averaged 1.24 K/D in HP, 1.19 in SnD and 1.29 in Control. I will say that it takes a bit of a step back when on LAN so there is a bit of a risk, but Scrappy is getting fried right now. It's worth a try.

Internal Captain Roles: Cellium, Awakening, Attach, Hydra, Dashy

CODDFS Value Play

Naiwniak:I am actually confused about these prices. I don't think I've ever seen Simp so low in such a good place. $7800 is such good value compared to what he made last year. With this being a board that's a bit tight in terms of value, I think it's a great place to start a lineup. Atlanta FaZe is in a good spot for a possible score, recently having 121 against Vegas. During Major Five qualifiers he averaged 1.27 K/D in HP, 1.48 in SnD and around 0.83 in Control. I don't like to say lock often, but this is damn close.

Glory:If you need deep value, I'd go here with fame. he seems more grounded in his original role than he was brought up to be now that he's back in SMG. Since the change, he has played one great game and one mediocre game. If you can afford to go Banks, I would, but the Fame has pretty good potential for its $6600 price tag. This duel will be close, so it could end in penalties. His numbers aren't flashy at all, but I've seen what fame can do and it's worth a shot.

Other valuable games: Bance, Kremp, Ghosty, Huke


Optical:I'm not usually one to pick the safest team to stack, but I guess it's a cash game move. Every element of this team has been on fire from top to bottom lately. It's just that they recently burned the same team from Florida and I don't see anything changing there. Don't second guess yourself, this is the best optic in a long time and it's the perfect place to continue the streak. Vegas is much more dangerous to Atlanta than Florida is to Optic...

Other team games: Atlanta FaZe, Minnesota Rock, Toronto Ultra


TLDR: FaZe 3-0, Toronto 3-1, Optic 3-0, Minnesota 3-2

  1. FaZe: Cellium, Simp, Abezy
  2. Vegas: Standy, Clayster (DOT)
  3. Toronto: Scrappy, CleanX
  4. NYSL: Hydra, Kismet
  5. Optics: all
  6. Florida: None
  7. Minnesota: Join, Bank, Fame
  8. Boston: Awakening, Beans, Kremp

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RotoBaller reference

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Insomnia was removed by a Slack member last night. It's pretty cool to see that@RotoBallerlogo at the top!#E-sports #LAUGHPOINT #Sketches

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