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Cove, a home security company, is one of the best kept secrets in smart home security today. With only a few years on the market, it's certainly doing things differently than its predecessors. Here, our experts break down what you'll spend on Cove in terms of your physical devices and monitoring costs. We'll also detail how the Cove will fit into your existing or future smart home.

Of course, we don't want to tell you how much Cove costs before breaking down some of the things worth it:

What we like about Cove
  • Low equipment prices:For those on a budget, Cove won't cut the cost of their devices much.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant Integrations:Plus plan users control their Cove systems through their voice assistants.
  • No contracts:You won't need to sign a long-term contract with Cove.
  • Do-it-yourself home security systems:Another money saver, users can install their own Cove systems.

Cove equipment costs

Cove equipment is extremely affordable; the most expensive item is the Alarm Panel, which costs R$124.50. Other than that, almost all of the Cove's components cost $120 or less. Additionally, all of their systems come with a free indoor camera, which typically retails for $99, although Cove sells each additional camera for just $49.50.

Cove Equipment Pricing Overview

Painel's Cove Touch Alarm$ 124,50
door sensor$ 7,50
Motion detector$ 15,00
remote key$ 12,50
glass break sensor$ 17,50
window sensor$ 7,50
Smoke and CO detector$ 27,50
flood sensor$ 10,00
doctor/panic button$ 10,00
external camera$ 99,50
Internal cameraFree first or $49.50 with each additional camera

Cove does not offer any packages; instead, you can choose the security system component by component, avoiding paying for anything you don't want.

Good news for your wallet, Cove has some of the most affordable devices on the smart home security market today. Streamdoor sensors, for example, cost only US$ 7.50, whileCost of SimpliSafedouble, $15, andcost of residencemore than triple, $28. (Visit ourThe best affordable security for more money-saving ideas.) But that's still no excuse for leaving doors or windows unlocked, as that's how many burglars "break into" people's homes.casas1

Cost and Price of Cove Home Security System in 2023 (1)

Cove trail prices

Cove's monitoring options work quite differently than most. All of their systems include 24/7 professional monitoring andmobile backup security, which will keep your system powered up even if the power goes out.

Of course, if you prefer a fully cellular system, you can opt forReolink GO Security Camera We Reviewedor the$ 349,99 Arlo Go. We like systems like the Cove that provide Wi-Fi with cellular support. That way we are protected if one of the networks fails.

Cove monitoring details

Basic CoveCove Plus
24/7 professional monitoringSimSim
Environmental monitoringSimSim
Triple touch communicationsSimSim
InstaText coveSimSim
Cove LiveAssistSimSim
Protection against bumps and snagsSimSim
cell phone backupSimSim
Automatic system check every hourSimSim
24 hour battery backupSimSim
equipment warranty1 againall of life
smartphone controlNoSim
Alexa and Google Assistant IntegrationsNoSim
$5/month team rewardNoSim
Monitoring fee lock-in lifetime guaranteeNoSim
Monthly costUS$ 17,99$ 27,99
Cost and Price of Cove Home Security System in 2023 (2)

There are two plans to choose from: Basic and Plus. Let's talk exactly what you get in each one:

  • Professional 24/7 monitoring:A team of people will register if any of your alarms goes off, checking emergencies before contacting the competent services.
  • Environmental monitoring:Professional 24/7 monitoring will also include any environmental monitors such as the Cove's smoke, CO or flood sensors.
  • Triple-tap communications:The triple tap alarm response means that the monitoring team communicates with its users in three ways: through LiveAssist aka the dashboard, through InstaText which means you will receive a text and through a direct phone call. If they are unable to reach you through any of these methods, the monitors will contact the police, local hospital or fire department, depending on the type of alarm that was triggered.
  • InstaText Cove:In addition to calling you, the professional monitoring team can even send you text messages during emergencies, which can come in handy if you are hiding from an intruder. This results in response times that the company claims are 10 times faster than its competitors. Group texts are also available for the whole family.
  • LiveAssist Cove:With the alarm panel, you can speak directly to professional monitors, allowing for faster response times than calling by phone.
  • Protection against shocks and grabbing:The panel has Smash and Grab protection, that is, if someone tries to tamper with it, the monitoring equipment will respond and the panel sirens will sound.
  • Cell backup:This maintains system communication in the event of a power or internet outage.
  • Automatic hourly system checks:Cove's system tests itself hourly to ensure that it is working properly and that its connection to the monitoring equipment is active.
  • 24 hour battery backup:The touch panel also comes with a backup battery to last 24 hours in case of a power outage.
  • Equipment warranty:Your warranty is one year on the Basic Plan or lifetime on the Plus Plan.
  • Controle do smartphone:Unfortunately, you can control the system remotely using the Cove mobile app only if you're on the Plus plan.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant Integrations:Likewise, you can only control your Covesecurity system with alexaor integrate thesecurity system with GoogleAssistant if you are on the Plus plan.
  • Team reward of $5 per month:If you want to buy more Cove gear, the company will give you an additional $5 a month to pay for it.
  • Monitoring rate lock lifetime guarantee:Finally, if you're a Plus plan member, Cove locks in your monthly fee for life, so your monthly fee never increases.
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Clear installation costs

We installed Cove ourselves for free, but now Cove offers professional installation for just $79. This is a decent price to do it all for you, comparable to other home security companies like SimpliSafe.

How Cove fits into our smart home

If you're already into your thingsmart home ecosystem, you'll be happy to know that the Cove works with Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, and Google Assistant, Google's version. With Alexa, we arm our system in away mode or ask for its status. And don't worry; You will not be able to disarm your system with voice commands for obvious reasons!

Cost and Price of Cove Home Security System in 2023 (4)

Using Google Assistant with our security system, we got the same capabilities as Alexa. Additionally, we had the ability to check event histories if we wanted to see what was happening during specific days or weeks. Clearly, Google Assistant has more features than Alexa, so the Cove would work better in Google's smart home ecosystem than Amazon's.

For your information:You'll be able to do more with Google Assistant than Alexa when it comes to controlling the Cove with your voice.

In terms of price, how does the Cove stack up?

We reviewed thebest wireless security systemstoday, comparing and analyzing the pros and cons of each brand. Price, as you know, is always a big consideration when choosing the right system. (We have much more information on how to choose the right system in our comprehensivesecurity system buyer's guide.)

In terms of price, the Cove is definitely on the lower end when it comes to equipment and monitoring costs. Especially for your gear, you won't spend more than $150 on anything. When you compare that to a system likeXfinity, which chargesAt $40 for a single motion sensor, you can see that the Cove is a great deal for anyone on a budget. Also, while more traditional security companies charge up to $60 a month for monitoring, Cove's monitoring plans come in at $27.99 and offer most of the same features. In addition, there are discounts almost all year round. Most equipment is currently 50% off, plus you'll get a free indoor camera or video doorbell with any Cove package.

QUICK TIP:Looking for a system that works with your smart home? go for our bestsmart home security systemspage.

The total value of Cove

Cove isn't just a good option for budget-conscious travelers. Although it's a newer company with low prices, their system works well too, as you can read in our fullCove security system review. With affordable monitoring plans and great smart home integrations, Cove democratizes smart home security, making it available whether you have a big house that needs a ton of gear or a small apartment. When it comes to Cove, everything is fully customizable and available at some of the lowest prices around.

common questions

If you have more questions about the Cove, feel free to check out these FAQs we've answered.

  • How Much Does a Cove Security System Cost?

    A Cove security system costs at least $150, depending on how many components come with the system. A Cove system starts with the $124.50 Alarm Panel, which is the base station for the Cove system. It comes with a free built-in camera.

    After that, you can add as many components as you like. A typical system includes $15 motion sensors, $7.50 contact sensors, and $27.50 smoke and CO detectors. You can add all of these components and a dozen more to your Cove system à la carte.

    clip componentsprice
    motion sensors$ 15,00
    contact sensors$ 7,25
    Smoke and CO detector$ 27,50
    flood sensor$ 10,00
    medical alert button$ 10,00
    remote key$ 12,50
    Internal camera49.50 (first one is free)
    external camera$ 99,50
  • Is the Cove a good security system?

    The Cove is a good security system for anyone looking for a simple security system without a lot of bells and whistles. Professional monitoring starts at just $14.99 per month, making Cove one of the most affordable professional monitoring systems on the market. For that price, you'll also get battery and cell backup and tamper detection with crush and capture protection.

    For $10 more ($24.99 per month total), Cove will extend the warranty on your devices for life, give you a $5 per month gear credit, and lock in your current monthly fee. You'll also get smartphone control and Alexa and Google Assistant integrations.

  • Does Cove require a contract?

    No, Cove does not require contracts. This means that you can cancel your monitoring plan at any time without incurring heavy penalties. You can cancel your monitoring by calling (877)-456-2683, Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. m. and 6 p.m. ET or by filling out a cancellation form on the Cove website.

  • How much does Cove charge per month?

    Cove charges $17.99 or $27.99 per month.

    The $17.99 per month plan, called Cove Basic, includes professional monitoring, text messaging, phone and live chat alerts, Smash and Grab protection, cell phone backup, automatic hourly system scans, backup 24-hour battery life and money-back guarantee. team of the year

    The $27.99 monthly plan, called Cove Plus, includes the features of Cove Basic plus an extended lifetime equipment warranty, smartphone control via the Cove app, Alexa and Google Assistant integrations, a $27.99 equipment reward , 5 per month and a flat rate guarantee. Both plans don't require contracts, so you can cancel at any time without penalty.

    Basic CoveCove Plus
    professional monitoringprofessional monitoring
    Text, phone and live chat alertsText, phone and live chat alerts
    Protection against bumps and snagsProtection against bumps and snags
    cell phone backupcell phone backup
    Automatic system checks every hourAutomatic system checks every hour
    24 hour battery backup24 hour battery backup
    1 year equipment warrantyLifetime equipment warranty
    No smart home integrationsAlexa and Google Assistant Integrations
    Rate is not lockedblocked rates
    No monthly team rewards$5/month team reward
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