How to clone 201 dumps to an EMV chip (Tutorial) (2023)



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Physical Clones Creation Guide 2021
For educational purposes only

(Video) How TO Clone 201 Dumps To Emv Chips Full Tutorial

Necessary things:

[email protected]PACKAGE X2.5 ($175) (Add @Emv1sl4nd on Telegram, it's real!)
(This includes JcopEnglish, ARQC_GEN, BPTOOLS (CryptoCalculator), IST USA 2021 PACKAGE, Cardpeek and other detailed tutorials)

-MSR device (under $100)

-Omnikey 3021 or 3121 (less than $100)

-ATR-Tool ($200) (@Emv1sl4nd)

-UNFUSED JCOP or PRE-STARTED JAVA CARDS ($5-$20 per blank card)
(Ask what specific cards are needed! In my case, J2A040 Unfused is enough!)
(If you are unsure whether your card is merged or not, use JCOP Manager, it's free software!)

All of these physical components can be purchased from Amazon, aliexpress, and ebay!

(Video) Hottest $cam method of 2022 - 201 Card Cloning class taught b y dealdark

1. Erase + format the blank card with JcopEnglish (wait for both to succeed and check if the screen shows the text in the field or did nothing).

2. Initialize ATR card with @TitusKing's ATRTOOL on Telegram for $400, this is a lifetime key purchase. Make sure the ATR also matches the dump card type/ist.

3. Check if the atr cold card has changed in CardPeek by selecting EMV and press analyze if it says java blank nigeria or whatever etc. 🇧🇷 If it says bank details and java card do it don't worry as long as it's not empty!

4. Open MSRX and enter Track Two and GENERATE Track One if not provided through the Omerta Generator website

5. Write tracks 1+2 on the magazine and swipe the space three times to ensure safety. Then press read and repeat the swipe to make sure the data is on the mag card correctly! Be sure to press WRITE before WRITE and READ before READ.

Side note... for 101 and 121 dumps you just need to use MSRX and your hardware MSR READER WRITER, type in track two and use to generate track one from track two - Make Continue to 201, 221, etc. for insert chips! (Security on 1xx dumps is LOW! But you must follow these steps to make 2xx dumps guide work!!!)

6. Open X2.5 (currently latest version!) and press the EMV tab

(Video) Full cloning tutorial on how to use X2 EMV software and hitting dumps with pin track 101 and 201

7. Enter Track 2, enter AID (31010 or 41010), PIN, Currency Code, Country Code, Name (choose Clear Holder Name - if no Name doesn't fill in, leave blank) and choose Track 1 Data and enter the deviation data AFTER the 6 expiration date numbers found after the range ie 22021010003002000....the 10003002000 and beyond that 0 would be the discretionary data of track 1, copy and paste this from the Omerta Track One Generator or type them if they are included in the dump! To get the app label go to cardpeek and open the emv tab again and read your card, it will be VISA CREDI, VISA DEBIT, INTERAC, VISA CREDIT etc.

8. Then press change data for PREF NAME and EXPIRY DATE, google the month it expires and find the last day of the year i.e. H. 31st October 2022 due to leap years etc. Select BUY VISA or MC or AMEX PLUGIN and select OMNIKEY and press CREDIT - double check you have filled in all required fields!

9. JOB DONE will be displayed so go to the IS LOAD page and copy the details you entered on the EMV page and press on the top bar where it says open... and search the IST file, this part is extremely important , you MUST have a matching BIN (the first 6 digits of the card) to IST or your card will not turn green, make sure you have a REAL MAP in your house with a leaked one Have leak at briansclub. especially, or use one of the new 2021 ISTs included in the new Mr_EMV package from January 31, 2021. You must have an IST file that matches the card type and bin.

10. (OPTION ONE) The last three fields that you have blank are ARQC 1, 2 and 3. For these, open "Arqc_Gen" and enter the PAN which will be the first 16 digits of your TRACK 2 and set Make sure you don't change the country and currency code to be precise in the card details and change the ATC to 0001, press generate, copy the ARQC for X2.5 into slot 1 on the LOAD page IST, then go back to Arqc_Gen and change the ATC to 0002, then press generate, leave the other details alone, now copy the new ARQC key to X2.5 to decrease two on the LOAD IST page, then go back to Arqc_Gen and change the ATC to 0003, then press generate and copy the last 3 ARQC to the LOAD IST page at X2.5. Now press BURN at X2.5. completed work.How to clone 201 dumps to an EMV chip (Tutorial) (3)

10. (OPTION TWO) The last three boxes you have empty are ARQC 1, 2 and 3. To do this, open the BP Tools Crypto Calculator and select "Applications" and find the application that corresponds to your card, to visa I use VSDC, for Mastercard there is a Mastercard Issuer App, find it. Then enter the PAN which is the first 16 digits of area 2, press the green padlock and go to tab 2, locate the ATC and change it to 0001, press the green padlock, locate the ATC again and match it, find the currency code and match it to the actual currency code, try to enter any data you can include like interaction time if included, etc., press the green padlock again and leave it by default and you will see how to generate your first ARPC/ARQC number, copy and paste it from the bottom right of the generator screen. Now in this process in your selected app go back to tab one in the bp tools, press the green padlock on side one and go to page two of tab type the ATC 0002 and then press the green padlock. Repeat the previous process again, just change the ATC to 0002 and finally repeat this again but change the ATC to 0003 in the two tabs required for the same green padlock. Now you can have your three ARQC ARPC codes chirped and ready to press BURN in X2.5 application window for IST LOAD. completed work.How to clone 201 dumps to an EMV chip (Tutorial) (4)

That's it, the card is ready for use in ATMs / POS machines with a chip slot. Happy cloning. If something goes wrong, your eviction could be bad or you didn't do something right. It's all a game of luck and patience!

Possible reasons for the failure of your card:

(Video) Swiping Clone cards | Dumps with pins X2 emv software tutorial how to clone dumps track 101/201

- Bad dump (fake, used or empty credit - contact your dump provider, don't be scammed! Use or and trust third parties at your own risk! Only use NEW dumps - to get new dumps watch for Bigfatcc on Telegram and join the Telegram news chat!)
- Old Dump (Dumps must be active, old card information is probably less active. A dump should also be attempted BEFORE the cardholder goes to an ATM again, ONLY FOR 2xx EXPENSES due to ARQC changes on various transactions from the ATM.
- Bad ATR / IST / Dump Type Match Up (You did not use the correct IST with ATR to be valid... DE Bank of America Visa Credit Cards IST FILE E ATR MUST MATCH DUMP. Same Bank of America Visa Information Credit card dump cannot be verified with a "generic" atr visa script, don't fall for it, it has to be accurate, try to find dumps of your own bank card type to know if the IST is valid by You create your own IST your own credit card, this does not affect you.)
- Impatience (Read again, try again, don't skip steps...)

This is for educational purposes only.



Can EMV chip be reprogrammed? ›

Yes they can but only by the issuing bank. the means of changing/updating the emv chip is via scripts. These are called issuer script and they will affect key values/tag present on the chip.

Is EMV software real? ›

EMV is short for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the 1994 founders. It's a secure software for payments and commonly refers to a credit card with a smart chip. The EMV standard is a security technology used worldwide for all payments done with credit, debit, and prepaid EMV smart cards.

Can EMV be cloned? ›

EMV-Bypass Cloning is dangerously effective, but through policy review and higher verification standards, card providers and financial institutions can close the security gaps that this method exploits and restore the security integrity of EMV chips.”

Can EMV chips be duplicated? ›

Can EMV chip cards be cloned? The chip itself can't be cloned, but cloned data can be put onto the magnetic strip of a card with a fake EMV chip, which can be used to trick merchants into letting the fraudster swipe the card with the cloned information.

Can EMV chips be hacked? ›

According to CNN Money, stripes on EMV cards are designed to instruct the machine to draw data from the chip, but if the stripe's code is infiltrated and altered, the POS system might take the transaction from the stripe — at which point the card can be hacked.

Can a chip and pin card be cloned? ›

Implement EMV Chips

EMV chips use encrypted payment information that makes it extremely challenging for fraudsters to clone cards. While this technology is much more secure than the magnetic strip alternatives, even EMV technology has its vulnerabilities.

Can ATMs detect cloned cards? ›

But new research suggests retailers and ATM operators could reliably detect counterfeit cards using a simple technology that flags cards which appear to have been altered by such tools. A gift card purchased at retail with an unmasked PIN hidden behind a paper sleeve.

How do criminals clone bank cards? ›

Duplication often follows another form of credit card fraud, such as card cloning or card skimming, in which the details of a real credit card are obtained using a device attached to an ATM or card payment machine to scan the magnetic strip during a genuine transaction.

How do fraudsters clone debit cards? ›

Your Credit card and debit card can be cloned at either bank ATMs or any other point where you swipe your card. A card is cloned by using a skimmer. It is a device that thieves attach to a bank ATM or a payment machine to trick people who are swiping their cards.

Do magnets affect EMV chips? ›

EMV chips are magnet-safe

Instead of a magnetic strip that you swipe, most credit cards now have an EMV chip that you insert into a card reader or even use to pay contactlessly. Luckily EMV chips aren't affected by magnets.

Is it hard to duplicate casino chips? ›

From holograms to microdots to color-shifting ink, high-value casino chips are extremely difficult to reproduce. Some even have built-in radio frequency transmitters, known as RFID chips, and are frequently found in high limit rooms in Las Vegas and Macau.

What do you need to clone cards? ›

How Does Card Cloning Work?
  1. An accomplice is recruited – someone with physical access to credit cards e.g. a cashier, restaurant server etc.
  2. They are given a skimmer – a compact machine used to capture card details. ...
  3. The customer hands their card to the accomplice, as payment.

Can a skimmer read a chip card? ›

Do card skimmers work on chip cards? Credit card skimmers do work on chip-enabled cards; however, they read the magnetic strip on your card, not the chip, so avoid the strip reader when possible.

Can EMV cards be skimmed? ›

Since the chips are virtually impossible to tamper with or clone, EMV cards are infinitely less vulnerable to counterfeit fraud than magnetic stripe cards. The EMV standard continuously evolves to include new security defence mechanisms, such as Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA).

Can aluminum foil protect your credit cards? ›

But yes, if you are concerned, wrapping you card in aluminum foil will work as well as any special wallet.

Can you go to jail for cloning cards? ›

PC 484f forgery of credit card information is also a wobbler that can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony forgery charges (Penal Code 470). If convicted, the penalties are the same as above, including jail time, fines, and victim restitution.

How long can you go to jail for cloning cards? ›

Federal crimes

Federal penalties for using a "device" to commit fraud (the law defines a credit card as such a device) can include up to 20 years in prison, plus fines and forfeiture of personal assets. U.S. Code. 18 U.S.C.

How do I clone a bank card? ›

The process whereby the card's magnetic stripe is copied is generally known as skimming. The card is swiped through a skimming device similar to those found on point of sale devices. The information on the magnetic stripe is then recorded and is then placed on another card's magnetic stripe.

What is an EMV chip made of? ›

Physically, EMV chips are made of very thin layers of glass with small circuits embedded between them. The layers are then bonded with a gold or silver contact pad, which also serves as a protective layer. So the chip itself is actually hidden behind the gold or silver layer you see on the front of the card.

Can smart cards be cloned? ›

If you use magstripe cards (which are still a very useful solution), people using a card cloning device could make copies. When it comes to cloning smart cards, it depends on the type of card you want to purchase, as certain models and types of cards (such as microprocessor cards) cannot be cloned.

Can a chip be programmed? ›

Most microcontrollers require a programmer. This is a little thing you plug into the USB port that makes it possible to program the chip. What programmer you need depends on what chip you have. Some chips can be programmed directly through the USB port without any programmer.

Can you reprogram chips? ›

So yes, it is theoretically possible to reprogram the chip, but you'll have to start from scratch. And again, the answer may be different for different chips.

How do people clone credit cards? ›

Most credit card cloning fraud is done through the use of skimmers. Skimmers read credit card information such as numbers, PINs, CVV data through the magnetic stripe, and can be attached to hardware such as point of sale (POS) terminals, or ATMs, allowing them to steal whoever uses that hardware's information.

Can I program a key chip myself? ›

Programming a transponder key only takes a couple of minutes. You can do so with the vehicle itself or just the key. You may need extra time if you have to duplicate the key. Nevertheless, even if there's no available key, it's not an issue for professional locksmiths.

Can you reverse engineer a chip? ›

Researchers from the University of Southern California, as well as the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland have invented a new non-destructive technique to reverse engineer an entire chip without damaging it.

Can chip keys be copied? ›

Not many people know that locksmiths can help with remote keys. Locksmiths use the same equipment as car dealerships to replace remote car keys and program new ones. They have the skills to make a perfectly functional duplicate car key with a chip at a fraction of the price.

How do I program my electronic chip? ›

  1. •Switch on power to the. unit and wait for the LED. to turn green. ...
  2. •Program should. indicate that it is ready. •Place chip in the programmer in. ...
  3. Check that EPROM has. been erased. •Click Blank_Check and. ...
  4. •Press the Program button. •LED on device should turn orange. •LED will turn green again once programming is.

How do I change my microchip without previous owner? ›

Changing microchip details without previous owner

You can take the pet to a shelter or a vet to get it scanned. They will be able to tell you which company the microchip is registered with. They will also provide you with the unique microchip code.

Can you reprogram an ECU? ›

It is only possible to program a RaceROM patched file into the ECU or a completely standard ROM provided on EcuTek Update. It is not possible to program a ROM into the ECU if it is not one shown in the Compatible ROM files window.

Can EMV chips be skimmed? ›

Chip credit cards can be “hacked,” in the sense that a thief who inserts a “skimming” device into a credit card terminal can copy data from your credit card and later make a copy of the card. However, skimmers can only copy data from your card's magnetic stripe, not its chip, which is much more encrypted.

Do cell phones demagnetize credit cards? ›

While your phone does create a magnetic field, it isn't strong enough to demagnetize your credit cards. The magnetic field comes from a small magnet located at your phone's speaker. This is too weak to cause any immediate damage to your credit card.

How strong does a magnet have to be to ruin a credit card? ›

The magnetic strip on credit cards come in two varieties. The high-coercivity ones, like a typical credit card, require a field strength of somewhere around 4,000 gauss to demagnetize. The low-coercivity ones that are often re-written, like hotel keys or gift cards, require about 300 gauss.


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