How to find a CS GO team and players (2023)

CS GO is not all about accuracy and personal skills. Success in the game largely depends on teamwork. CS GO is fun to play, but it's more fun when you play with your friends.

If your friends don't play CS GO, don't worry. There are more people like you looking for someone to play with.
Playing with people you know will bring you more wins and more fun in the game. So let's learn how to find a cs go team.

How to apply:

  • Select CS GO in the right column
  • Press the "Registration" button in the upper right corner of the page
  • Choose CS GO as your primary game
  • Insert your community link (Go to your Steam profile and copy the link)
  • Set up your Gamurs profile (set rank, location and language)

Now that you've signed up, it's up to you what you want to do next. Are you looking for players to join your team or are you a solo player looking for a team?

Find CS GO players

Just click "Players" in the top menu and a list of all CS GO players looking for a team will appear. Now you can filter players in the left column and select minimum and maximum rank, language, location and role in the game. After filtering, you can open player profiles and send them a message on Gamurs.

You can also click "Teams" and create a team post to let other players find you and message you to join a team. Just click the "Create Team Post" button in the left column and set the team name, location, language, roles needed in the team and you can fill more information in the team description.

Find a CS GO team

You can click "Players" in the top menu and create an ad for teams to find you. You just need to enter what kind of team you are looking for, available time to play, whether you are looking for a merge team, a pug or just a regular player and your preferred playstyle role.

You can also go to "Teams" in the top menu to list and filter teams based on rank, language, location and roles required on the team. Select the team you want to join by opening their profile and hitting the big green "Join Team" button. The team leader will be asked to join so you can exchange information and start playing together.

Also, if you need a server to practice with your team, check out this guidehow to set up a free csgo server.

Player roles in CS GO

If you've never been on a team, you may not understand some of the team roles, so let's take a quick look at them:

  • AWP

Well, this one is very bright. If you like and have good frag skills with AWP, you are definitely suitable for AWP role.

  • to the ground

A lurker is a stealthy player on the team and is sometimes a good source of information for his team as he usually places himself in the middle of the battle instead of the usual positions.

As a counter-terrorist, the stalker sometimes pushes and tries to kill enemies from behind and gather information for the team.

As a terrorist, a lurker is usually played to reduce CT spins. Therefore, it relies heavily on familiarity with sound and rotation.

  • revolver

Pretty obvious name. If you like to use M4 and AK, then you are a shooter.

  • IGL (Game Leader)

Very good knowledge of the game, strategy and ability to read your team and enemy. IGL must figure out during the game what is the best plan for their team. Understand the mistakes and strength of your team and enemy teams. The IGL should have a good mental visualization of the game to be able to read the positions of the players and make the best decisions. Normally, an IGL might not frag as often as the rest of the team because he is more focused on reading the game to his team than himself.

  • Waist

A fan is usually a player who knows how to use assistive tools to give his team an advantage. So the midfielder knows how to set up smokes, how to fire flashes at enemies so that the Entry Fragger in the team has an advantage when gaining ground on the map. Support also plays close to the main fragger to trade a kill if his teammate dies.

  • Fragger's entrance

Basic fragger is an aggressive player with excellent fragger skills because, as the name suggests, he pushes first. Entry fraggers usually use a high-sensitivity mouse because they need to quickly push and clear curves in the road.

Requirements to join the team

These requirements are not mandatory, but will go a long way in helping you integrate your team.

  • Use the microphone

Information is very important in a fast-paced game like CS GO. You can have a lot of stuff in seconds, and feedback from your teammates plays a huge role in your success. Typing in team chat doesn't work because you can't play and type at the same time, and your teammates will have to lose focus on the screen to read your messages.

So if you don't have it, you can buy it very cheaply. Avoid using laptop microphones as their recording quality is usually very poor and they pick up a lot of ambient noise making your voice difficult to understand. Use voice chat software like TeamSpeak or Mumble because the sound quality is better than in-game.

  • Learn how to call

It is very important to learn how to communicate with a team in CS GO. When you have 5 players talking at the same time, things can get complicated and no one will understand. So try to keep the information short and simple. If you hear footsteps but don't know how many enemies are nearby, just call "midst steps". If you see 3 enemies running just say "3 long pushes", don't say "everyone long push" because you're not sure.

When you die, use the death cam to give your team valuable information, but don't say anything more after you die unless you really think it's important. If your teammate is holding tight (last player standing), let him play. Do not repeat into the microphone "Throw the flash!" "Hide" etc... Let him decide and hear footsteps. At the end of the round you can say what you think he did right and wrong, but don't do it in the middle of the round.

Also, if you're going anywhere other than your normal position, or if you're going to push, let your teammates know at the start of the round. Scheduling the lap as a team is very important, so use this time to brainstorm ideas on what to do.

Therefore, it is important that the information is short and clear. Don't overdo it and don't be silent all the time. Share information you find useful for your team's success.

It is also very importantknow the explanations on the mapsso you can tell your teammates the exact location of the enemy.

  • Be polite and positive

Some games you will win easily and others will seem like you are powerless and there is nothing you can do about it. Well, whatever happens, don't start blaming and criticizing your teammates. Maintaining a positive attitude is important for success. Saying simple things like "Well done!" or "Well done!" it will help your teammates gain some confidence, but complaining and arguing in the middle of the game will bring them down and will not be successful in most cases.

If you think someone has made a mistake, let them know politely at the end of the round, for example "You should...". Don't say, "What the hell were you thinking?"

So correcting your teammates' mistakes isn't a bad thing as long as you know what you're saying and are polite to your team. Just kidding, it's good to keep a good mood, but keep it balanced. Don't take the game too seriously, but don't make fun of it throughout the game.

  • Listen to your IGL (In-Game Leader)

IGL has a very important role in the team. They will tell you what the plan is for the next round. Being an IGL is also hard work, so sometimes teammates may not like some of the IGL's strategies or plans and will instead choose to do whatever they want. Many times your IGL plan may not work, but if your entire team listens and follows the same plan, it will help you succeed.

Even if you are the best fragger on the team, don't ignore the team's plan or strategy. Stick to a plan and you'll find it works better than going it alone.


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