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The guide below will help you troubleshoot the most common issuesNVIDIA-Streaming.

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The installation of the NVIDIA Broadcast app appears to have stoppedInstalling the NVIDIA Broadcast application will download the necessary files for your GPU during the installation process. The entire download is around 500 MB. Depending on your internet connection and speed, the download may take a while.

If the installation hangs for more than 5 minutes without progress:

  • Make sure you download something.
    • Right-click Windows Bar > Task Manager.
    • Go to Performance and navigate to your internet device (Ethernet or Wi-Fi, depending on your needs).
    • Check if you are getting anything and the speed.
  • If you get nothing or the speed is too slow:
    • End the Task Manager installation processes:
      • NVIDIA_Broadcast_v1..2.0.exe
      • NvBroadcastInstallerOTAUtility.exe
      • nvngx_update.exe
    • Check your internet connection and make sure you have a connection and good download speed.
    • Try the installation again

The installation fails and displays a camera installation errorThe installation can fail for a variety of reasons, including an internet disconnection for an extended period of time. Just confirm your connection is restored and try again. Make sure you have enough disk space. Total disk size required during installation is approximately 1.5 GB.

The app shows an error that I don't have a specific driver even though I do have oneReboot the system and launch the application again. If the problem persists, close the application in the system tray and reinstall it.

How do I update the app?If an update is required, you will receive an in-app notification prompting you to update. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Download the new version ofNVIDIA Broadcast app page
  • The installer will automatically shut down the NVIDIA Broadcast application and prepare for the update. If the application does not close, you can force close the application by pressing the Windows + R keys on the keyboard, which opens the Run command window and typing the following command: Taskkill /f /im "NVIDIA Broadcast.exe "
  • Install the new version of the NVIDIA Broadcast application

If you install files through the application while it is running and AI effects are enabled, you may encounter an installation error. In this case, you will find that the application throws an error when trying to activate the effects while updating. To fix this, simply uninstall and reinstall the Windows app.

I changed my GPU and now NVIDIA Broadcast is giving me an errorIf you switch your GPU to a different NVIDIA series GPU (e.g. from GeForce RTX 20 series to 30 series), the app will prompt you to reinstall it as it has the AI ​​models for your new GPU needs to download. In this case, close the app and reinstall it. During the reinstallation, we will automatically download the new templates for you.


microphone / speaker

Cannot start noise removal effect

To fix this problem, you may need to update your drivers and applications. In order to do this:

The other person on the call/announcement cannot hear me

Verify that the pipeline is configured correctly:

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  • Your microphone must be turned on and connected to your PC. If your device has a mute switch, make sure it is off.
  • On Windows, you want to select your actual microphone device and make sure the volume is set properly. To check this, right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar > Open sound settings. Then select your microphone under Input. You can test the microphone there to make sure it's sending sound to Windows correctly, and access the device's properties to adjust the volume.
  • Under NVIDIA Broadcast, go to Microphone and make sure the microphone source is pointing to the default device or your actual device.
  • Finally, make sure that in the voice application's configuration page, Terminal is set toMikrofon (NVIDIA Broadcast).

You can also use the Record My Sample feature in the right pane of the Microphone tab to test your microphone and speaker.

I can't hear anything through my headphones/speakers

To fix this we need to make sure your full audio channel is working properly:

  • Make sure your headset is working (i.e. for a wireless headset make sure it is turned on, for other headphones with volume control make sure the volume is not muted).
  • Make sure the headphone/speaker volume is not muted in Windows. You can do this by clicking on the speaker icon in the taskbar at the bottom right. On Windows you have toChoose your headphones or real speakersand adjust its volume.
  • Check that the voice chat/streaming app is running the correct headset/speaker. If you want to use NVIDIA Broadcast, the application must use itSpeakers (NVIDIA Broadcast)Device.
  • Finally, check the NVIDIA Broadcast configuration. Go to Speakers and make sure your headphones/speakers are selected as the audio source.

You can use the test function in NVIDIA Broadcast to verify that the audio channel is working properly.

Noise reduction doesn't work for me

To use NVIDIA Broadcast AI Effects, your app must be configured to use itNVIDIA-StreamingDevices. To enable this, go to the app's settings page, navigate to the audio settings, and select NVIDIA Broadcast as your input and output devices. You can also find step-by-step instructions atNVIDIA Broadcast Application Setup Guide.

After confirming that you are using theMikrofon (NVIDIA Broadcast)device, open the NVIDIA Broadcast app and make sure noise cancellation is enabled. You can test if the feature is working by clicking the Record My Sample feature in the right pane of the Microphone tab.

You should also make sure to disable these if your app or device also has a noise removal feature. If you use both functions, they can interact with each other. You can check oursNVIDIA Stream setup guidefor more information on what needs to be customized per application.My microphone/speaker is not in the NVIDIA Broadcast device source list

First, make sure your device is available on Windows. To do this, right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar > Open sound settings. Make sure your speaker or microphone is visible to Windows.

If your device is visible there but not in NVIDIA Broadcast, close the NVIDIA Broadcast app, disconnect and reconnect your device, and open the app.

I can't hear or they can't hear me; I'm using the default device

A common problem is that they select an input device as the default device in NVIDIA Broadcast. This will make NVIDIA Broadcast use your default Windows device. If you have selected NVIDIA Broadcast devices as the Windows default microphone or speakers, this will create a loop resulting in not being able to record/hear audio.

To fix this, we recommend changing your default Windows devices to your actual devices in Windows sound settings.

I can't change the amount of noise removal independently from room clutter removalThis is to be expected. These 2 effects need to work together and hence their strength levels are linked. Because of this, you should see an indicator next to the strength of the effect.When I run Noise Removal and Room Echo Removal I get worse noise cancellation.Please note that Room Echo Removal is currently in beta. It is possible that by combining the two effects, the noise reduction effect will lose some of its effectiveness.

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My webcam is not in the NVIDIA Broadcast device source list

Make sure the camera is available in Windows. You can check this by opening the Windows Camera app. If the camera is available but NVIDIA Broadcast does not see it, try the following:

  • Close NVIDIA Broadcast in the system tray.
  • Turn the camera off and on again.
  • Open the NVIDIA stream.
  • If the camera is still not recognized, try the above procedure again but plug the webcam into a different USB port on the system. If this still fails, restart your PC.

Please note that only NVIDIA Broadcast webcams are currently supported. External cameras connected via dongles or capture cards are not officially supported.

When I select my webcam as the camera source, the controls are greyed out

This means your camera is being used by another app. Close the other application using the camera and reselect the camera in the NVIDIA Broadcast application. If that doesn't work, stop NVIDIA Broadcast from the system tray and restart NVIDIA Broadcast.

I selected an effect, but it's not immediately applied to the camera feed

For new installations, the first activation of an effect can take up to 10 seconds.

I selected an effect, but it's not applied in the camera feed

Make sure the effect status indicator is lit and the effect intensity slider is set to a non-minimum value. If the problem persists, exit and restart the app from the taskbar.

Background image or video is not displayed correctly when replacing the background

  • Background replacement is optimized for use with videos up to 1080p60. Using higher resolution videos may impact performance.
  • The aspect ratio of background images and videos is always preserved, so you can trim frames if necessary.
  • The background replacement works with the playback rate of the selected camera. Video playback is adjusted by repeating or dropping frames as needed.

How can I improve the quality of segmentation when removing, replacing or blurring the background?

  • You can optimize the best quality and performance of the resources by setting the camera resolution to 720p @ 30fps.
  • For best results, keep the camera centered and pointed at your subject. Lighting the subject helps improve quality.
  • Accessories such as hats, glasses and other accessories can sometimes present a challenge. The chair, microphone and headset are not removed and must remain in place. If the microphone is not aligned properly, we recommend holding it close to your body.

The camera view is paused/frozen when the system comes out of sleep/sleep mode

When the NVIDIA Broadcast app is open and set to the Camera tab and the system goes to sleep/hibernate, you may encounter an error where the camera view hangs/freezes. To recover from this:

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  • Reselect the camera source under NVIDIA Broadcast.
  • If the above procedure fails, completely close the application to the taskbar and reopen it.

Camera preview is stuck/frozen after I update my drivers

  • Reselect the camera source under NVIDIA Broadcast.
  • If the above procedure fails, completely close the application to the taskbar and reopen it.

I deleted the image/video I used to replace the background and now the app is unresponsiveClose and restart the taskbar application.

I hardly notice any change in video noise removal.Video Noise Removal is currently in beta. Helps remove visual noise present in webcams. There may be limited visual noise in good lighting conditions and/or with premium webcams, in which case the effect is less noticeable. The effect works best in low light conditions and is particularly useful for laptop webcams.


My game's FPS drops drastically when using NVIDIA Broadcast

The performance impact depends on your GPU, your game, your webcam resolution and frame rate, and the number of effects used when streaming. To reduce the impact on game FPS:

  • Turn on only the effects you actively use. Note that the combination of effects has a significant impact on performance.
  • If you don't need to use your camera in full screen mode, reduce your camera's resolution and frame rate to 720p30.

The camera features are in beta and haven't implemented all the performance optimizations yet, so they have a bigger impact on the game's FPS performance.

I'm having trouble streaming my games when using NVIDIA Broadcast at the same time

  • Make sure your system meets the recommended minimum requirements.
  • Update Windows to 2004 or later and enable gaming mode and hardware scheduling.
  • If needed, reduce GPU load by adjusting game settings or limiting your FPS.

A useful trick to prioritize your stream and avoid dropped frames is to set your live streaming applications to high GPU priority. For example, in OBS Studio, you can run OBS as an administrator.

Using NVIDIA Broadcast in Third-Party Applications

After installing or updating the NVIDIA Broadcast application, NVIDIA Broadcast virtual microphone/speaker/camera devices do not appear in third-party applications.

We recommend closing all third party applications before updating/installing NVIDIA Broadcast. If you leave a third-party application open while NVIDIA Broadcast is updating/installing, the new NVIDIA Broadcast virtual devices (microphone/speakers/camera) may not be recognized until the application is restarted.

Camera (NVIDIA Broadcast) shows grey/black

This can happen if your webcam is being used outside of NVIDIA Broadcast. To fix this, close the application with your webcam and try again.

If this occurs after changing the resolution and/or frame rate of the camera source in NVIDIA Broadcast, please reload the NVIDIA Broadcast camera by disabling and re-enabling or restarting the third-party application.

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When I try to select custom settings for the camera (NVIDIA Broadcast) in OBS Studio, I see a gray image

Configure the camera resolution and refresh rate in the NVIDIA Broadcast app. If you change the settings, you need to reload the camera (e.g. in OBS Studio disable and re-enable the camera in the camera settings) or reload the video chat or streaming application.

My video conferencing or live streaming app crashes when I select Camera (NVIDIA Broadcast).

The camera (NVIDIA Broadcast) may be used in another third-party application. Close the application with the camera (NVIDIA Broadcast) and try again.

I'm having issues with the camera on my live streaming app

NVIDIA Broadcast provides a Windows-level virtual camera that can be used by any application and as such is compatible with a wide range of applications. However, due to the way applications use webcams, there may be loss of functionality or incompatibilities with some applications. You can check out the list of apps we've testedFrequently asked questions about the NVIDIA Broadcast app.

If you use Twitch Studio, this app has an automatic webcam optimization feature that adjusts the resolution and frame rate in real time. This is not compatible with NVIDIA Broadcast, so you must disable this feature before selectingCamera (NVIDIA Broadcast)no twitch studio.

If you use XSplit Gamecaster, please note that this app is currently not officially supported. We are working with SplitmediaLabs to support it in the future.

I'm having problems with the zoom cameraCurrently, the 64-bit Zoom client does not support the NVIDIA Broadcast Camera. It still works with the regular 32-bit Zoom client, regardless of the 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.


How do I suggest an improvement or report a problem with the app?To suggest an improvement or report a concern, please visit the broadcast section of the GeForce forums:https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/broadcasting/18/

You can help us train and improve the AI ​​by submitting your feedback here:https://www.nvidia.com/broadcast-feedback/

I still have a problem

If you continue to have problems, contact NVIDIA Customer Service by clicking the link below.

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