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CBSE Class 10 Social Science Chapter 7 Political Science-Outcomes of Democracy PDF notes are available for free download on myCBSEguide mobile app. Best app for CBSE students now provides Political Science Democracy Scores Class 10 Notes Final Chapter Notes for quick preparation of CBSE Board Exams and school based annual exams. The Grade 10 Social Science Notes on Chapter 7 Political Science – Outcomes of Democracy are also available for download on the CBSE Guide website.

CBSE Political Science Guide – Democracy Class Results 10 Notes

The CBSE Guide Notes are the comprehensive notes covering the latest CBSE and NCERT syllabus. Includes all topics found in the Grade 10 NCERT Social Science Textbook. Users can download the CBSE Guide Quick Review Notes from the myCBSEguide mobile app and from the My CBSE Guide website.

10 Social Science Notes Chapter 7 Political Science—Outcomes of Democracy

Download the CBSE Grade 10 Review Notes for Chapter 7 Political Science-Outcomes of Democracy in PDF format for free. Download the Review Notes for Lecture 10 Political Science-Democracy Outcomes and get good grades on the exams. These are grade 10 political science notes on democracy outcomes prepared by a team of faculty experts. Review notes help you review the entire chapter in minutes. Checking grades on exam days is one of the top tips that teachers recommend on exam days.

CBSE Class 10 Social Sciences
Revision Notes
Political Science Chapter-7
Results of Democracy



1. We started thinking about how to access the results of democracy.
2. Having gained some clarity on how to think about this issue, we turn to consider the expected and actual outcomes of democracy in various respects.
3. Our final verdict - positive but qualified.

How do we arrive at the results of democracy?

1. Democracy is the best form of government compared to dictatorship or any other alternative.
2. This is why we thought democracy was better:
I) Promote equally among citizens;
II) It values ​​the dignity of the person;
III) Improves the quality of decision-making;
IV) Provides a method for resolving conflicts; It is
V) Leaves space to correct errors.
3. We face a dilemma: Democracy is seen as good in principle, but not so good in practice.
4. This dilemma invites us to think deeply about the results of democracy.
5. Our interest and fascination with democracy often leads us to the position that democracy can solve all socio-economic and political problems.
6. The first step in thinking carefully about the results of democracy is to recognize that democracy is just a form of government.

Accountable, Responsive and Legitimate Government:
1. The most fundamental outcome of democracy must be the creation of a government that is accountable to its citizens and responsive to citizens' needs and expectations.
2. Democracy is based on the idea of ​​deliberation and negotiation.
3. Democracy guarantees that decisions are based on norms and procedures.
4. The right and means to question the decision-making process known as transparency.
5. Democratic governments don't have a very good track record of sharing information with citizens.
6. In substance, it may be reasonable to expect from democracy a government that responds to the needs and demands of the people and is largely free of corruption.
7. The democracies' record in these two respects is not impressive.
8. In one respect democratic government is certainly better than its alternatives: democratic government is legitimate government.
9. People want to be governed by representatives they choose. They also believe that democracy is right for their country.

Economic growth and development:

1. We are concerned about democracy's inability to achieve greater economic development. But that alone cannot be the reason for rejecting democracy.
2. The difference in economic development rates between less developed countries with dictatorships and democracies is insignificant.
3. We cannot say that democracy is a guarantee of economic development.
4. But we can hope that democracy will not lag behind dictatorships in this respect.

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Reducing inequality and poverty:

1. Perhaps more than development, it is reasonable to expect democracies to reduce economic inequalities.
2. A small number of the ultra-rich enjoy a vastly disproportionate share of wealth and income.
3. In addition, its share in the country's total income has increased.
4. In real life, democracies do not appear to be very successful in reducing economic inequalities.

Recording social diversity:

1. It is fair to expect that democracy will produce harmonious social life.
2. The ability to deal with social differences, divisions and conflicts is therefore a strength of democratic regimes.
3. Two conditions to get the result:
I) It is necessary to understand that democracy is not governed simply by the opinion of the majority.
II) It is also necessary that the rule of the majority does not become the rule of the majority community in relation to religion, race or language groups.

Dignity and freedom of citizens:

1. Democracy is far superior to any other form of government when it comes to promoting the dignity and freedom of the individual.
2. A passion for respect and freedom is the foundation of democracy.
3. This has been achieved to varying degrees in different democracies.
4. Most societies around the world have historically been male-dominated societies.
5. The long struggle of women today has created a certain awareness that respect and equal treatment of women are necessary components of a democratic society.
6. Democracy in India has strengthened the rights of disadvantaged and discriminated castes to equal rights and opportunities.
7. Expectations of democracy also function as a criterion for assessing a democratic country.
8. As people get some benefits from democracy, they demand more and want to make it even better.
9. Most people today believe that their voice makes a difference in governance and in their own best interests.

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Political Science Results of Democracy Grade 10 Notes

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CBSE Class-10 Review Notes and Key Points

Political Science Results of Democracy Grade 10 Notes. CBSE quick review note for social science, chemistry, math, biology and other grade 10 subjects is very helpful to review the entire syllabus during exam days. The review notes cover all the important formulas and concepts provided in this chapter. Even if you want to get an overview of a chapter, quick reference notes are there for you. These notes will surely save you time during the stressful exam days.

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How to Download the Political Science-Outcomes of Democracy Grade 10 Notes Sample Paper for 10th Grade Math, Social Sciences, Science and Communicational English; Check the myCBSEguide app or website. myCBSEguide provides sample papers with solutions, chapter practice test papers, NCERT solutions, NCERT example solutions, quick reference notes for instant reference, CBSE advice papers and CBSE key questions papers. Sample paper are all available fromthe best app for CBSE studentsand the myCBSEguide website.

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What are the five political outcomes of democracy Class 10? ›

Solution : Five outcomes of Democracy: <br> (i) Accountable, responsive and legitimate government. <br> (ii) Economic growth and development. <br> (iii) Reduction of inequality and poverty. <br> (iv) Accommodation of social diversity.

What is the political outcome of democracy Class 10? ›

The following points explain the political outcome of democracy: Democratic government is a responsive and legitimate government. Democratic government is collectively responsible and accountable to the citizens of the country. Democratic government promote free and fair elections.

What are the social science outcomes of democracy? ›

The social outcomes of a democracy should be accommodating social diversity and providing dignity and freedom to the citizens. Democracies usually develop a procedure to accommodate various social groups. This reduces the possibility of social tensions becoming explosive or violent.

What is the social outcomes of democracy Class 10? ›

Accountability, responsiveness and legitimacy of government in democracy. The most basic outcome of democracy should be that it produces a government that is accountable to the citizens, and responsive to the needs and expectations of the citizens.

What are the important questions of outcomes of democracy Class 10? ›

Outcomes of Democracy Class 10 Extra Questions Civics
  • What is meant by transparency? ...
  • How does democracy produce an accountable government? ...
  • How can you say that democracies are based on political equality? ...
  • Which form of government is better-democratic or non-democratic? ...
  • What is meant by economic inequality?
Sep 18, 2018

What are the short notes outcomes of democracy Class 10? ›

Democracy helps its citizens to lead a peaceful and harmonious life by accommodating various social divisions. Democracy promotes dignity and freedom of the individual. A democracy is always striving towards a better goal. People constantly demand more benefits in a democracy.


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