Top 10 Bangladeshi Multinational Companies (2023)

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It is really difficult to classify the top 10 MNCs in Bangladesh as they are different in terms of industry. When success is measured by the amount of money they make, these companies come out on top.

I know you noticed that multinational is defined by two words that are "multi and national". So when analyzing the word "multinationals" it means a company that operates in more than one country or that has disclosure and entry into international markets.

Put simply, an organization that operates in multiple countries but is managed from one (home) country. There are four categories of multinational companies:

  1. A decentralized multinational with a strong home country presence,
  2. A global, centralized company that achieves a cost advantage through centralized production wherever cheaper resources are available.
  3. An international company that relies on the technology or R&D of the parent company, or
  4. A transnational company that combines the three previous approaches.

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  • 1 Here is the list of top 10 multinational companies in BD
  • 2 1. Chevron (Ölindustrie)
    • 2.1 Chevron Bangladesh Office Address:
  • 3 2. Grameenphone Ltd (Telenor Concern, telecom industry):
    • 3.1 Grameenphone Corporate Headquarters Address:
  • 4 3. Unilever Bangladesh (FMCG)
    • 4.1 Unilever Bangladesh Corporate Headquarters Address:
  • 5 4. Standard Chartered Bank (industria bancaria)
    • 5.1 Standard Chartered Bank Head Office Address in Bangladesh:
  • 6 5. HSBC (Banking Industry)
    • 6.1 HSBC Administrative Office in Bangladesh:
  • 7 6. Citi NA (Citi Group, Bankenbranche)
    • 7.1 Address of corporate headquarters in Bangladesh:
  • 8 7. Siemens (Electronics)
    • 8.1 Siemens headquarters in Bangladesh:
  • 9 8. Ericsson (Telecom Services Industry)
    • 9.1 Ericsson Bangladesh Corporate Headquarters Address:
  • 10 9. British American Tobacco (Zigarrillo)
    • 10.1 BAT Corporate Headquarters Address:
  • 11 10. Nestlé Bangladesh (FMCG)
    • 11.1 Contact address for Nestlé in Bangladesh:

Here is the list of the 10 largest multinational companies in BD

  1. Cheuron
  2. Grameenphone
  3. Unilever Bangladesh
  4. Standardcharter
  5. HSBC
  6. Airtel
  7. Citibank N/A
  8. Siemens
  9. BAT (British American Tobacco)
  10. Nestle Bangladesh

Now we know the names. Now let's have a detailed look at the 10 top companies by revenue in Bangladesh that made the most money in fiscal 2018 and 2019 and I am sure this will surely help you in choosing the best company to make your future prosperous to design.

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1. Chevron (Ölindustrie)

Chevron produces natural gas and condensate from three fields in the northeast of the country. And now it is the largest natural gas producer in Bangladesh. They have increased production tenfold over the past decade to meet the country's growing demand for natural gas.

Chevron office address in Bangladesh:

Dhaka Office:
bay gallery
57 Gulshan Avenue (4. Stock)
Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212
Phone: +880.2.989.2244
+ 880.2.882.8891
Fax: +880.2. 988.4398

Sylhet Office:
Lackatoorah, Airport Road
Sylhet 3100
Telephone: +880. 821.715390
Fax: +880. 821.715362

2. Grameenphone Ltd (Telenor Group, telecom industry):

Grameenphone, commonly abbreviated as GP, is the largest telecom operator with the largest number of subscribers and the widest network in Bangladesh. The largest of the country's six mobile operators with a combined total of more than 54.5 million subscribers and a 46.3% subscriber market share. It is a joint venture between Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporation, an internationally renowned company. Here are some last onesGP offers.

Grameenphone Corporate Headquarters Address:

Grammeenphone Ltd.
Basundhara, Baridhara
Phone: +88-02-9882990
Fax: +88-02-9882970
Email:[email protected]

3. Unilever Bangladesh (FMCG)

Unilever Bangladesh (UBL) is the leading multinational Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company in Bangladesh. He began his journey in Bangladesh in 1964 by establishing a soap factory in Chittagong. Unilever has more than 10,000 employees who are directly or indirectly related to it.

Unilever operates in more than 100 countries worldwide. Unilever manufactures and sells products under more than 400 brand names worldwide and is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of home care products, personal care products, water purifiers and food.

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Here is a selection of their best brands available in many countries along with the stories behind them: Wheel, Lux, Lifebuoy, Dove, Omo, Becel/Flora, Heartbrand ice cream, Fair & Lovely, Pond's, Close Up, Lipton, Lux, Magnum, Rama, Rexona, Sunsilk and Surf.

Address of Unilever Corporate Headquarters in Bangladesh:

Torre ZN
Lot 2, Highway 8
Gülshan 1, Daca 1212
Phone: 88 (02) 9888452
Fax: 88 (02) 9862299

4. Standard Chartered Bank (Industria Bancaria)

Standard Chartered Bank is the largest international bank in Bangladesh. It is a banking and financial services company based in Dhaka and has been operating in Bangladesh for over a hundred years. It has 26 branches and booths and 87 ATMs; employs more than 2,000 people.

Standard Chartered Bank is the only foreign bank in Bangladesh with a presence in 6 cities: Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, Bogra and Narayanganj including offshore banking units within Dhaka Export Processing Zone (DEPZ) in Savar and Chittagong Export Zone Clearinghouse (CEPZ). ).

Standard Chartered Bank Headquarters in Bangladesh:

Gulshan Avenue 67, Gulshan
Daca 1212,
Phone: + 880 2 8833003 – 4

5. HSBC (banking industry)

HSBC opened its first branch in Bangladesh in 1996. Today it offers a range of financial services in Bangladesh including commercial banking, consumer banking, payments and cash management, trading services, treasury and custody and clearing.

It is a network of 14 offices, 40 ATMs, 6 customer service centers, one offshore banking entity and offices in 8 free industrial zones.

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Administrative Office of HSBC Bangladesh:

Level 4, Shanta Western Tower
Calle Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Ali 186
Tejgaon Industrial Zone, Dhaka 1208
Phone: +880 966 633 1000

6. Citi NA (Citi Group, Bankenbranche)

Citibank is the consumer division of multinational financial services company Citigroup. Founded in 1812 as the City Bank of New York, Citibank is one of the leading international banks. It has approximately 200 million customers in more than 160 countries.

In Bangladesh he has built an active existence. Now it has 4 branches, 4 service points and employs more than 180 people. The clients of the cities in Bangladesh include public and private sector institutions.

Corporate Headquarters address in Bangladesh:

Citibank, NA
Avenida Gulshan 8, Gulshan-1
Daca – 1212
Phone: +88 096 6699 1000 / +88 02 8833567
Fax: +88 02 986 0917

7. Siemens (Electronics)

Siemens is a world power in electronics and electronics industry worldwide. In October 1956, Siemens Bangladesh Ltd. established to position itself as a major player in its own right, offering a full range of products, systems, solutions and services. Today, Siemens is a leading company operating in 190 countries around the world. The company employs around 336,000 people worldwide.

Siemens offers a wide range of solutions and services in Bangladesh, where the energy, healthcare, industry and infrastructure sectors and cities hold leading positions.

Siemens headquarters in Bangladesh:

Siemens Bangladesh Limited.
ZN Tower (Siemenshaus)
Lot – 02, Street – 08, Gulshan-1
Phone: (+8802) 9893536
Fax: (+8802) 9893597

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8. Ericsson (Telecom Services Industry)

Ericsson is a multinational network and telecommunications equipment and services company, including mobile broadband, cable television, IPTV and video systems, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Ericsson also operates its business in Bangladesh and is today one of the leading multinational companies in Bangladesh.

Address of Ericsson Corporate Headquarters in Bangladesh:

LM Ericsson Bangladesh Limited
Address: Grand Delvistaa (Level 3), Lot 1A, Hwy 113
ZIP code: 1212
Phone: +880 2 882 3864 Phone: +880 2 988 6641
Fax: +880 2 988 6642

9. British American Tobacco (Zigarrillo)

British American Tobacco (cigarettes) started its journey as Imperial Tobacco 103 years ago and established its first sales warehouse at Armanitola in Dhaka. After that it became Bangladesh Tobacco Company Limited and they started their journey in independent Bangladesh in 1972. In 1998 the company changed its name and identity to British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BAT Bangladesh).

It is now one of the most international tobacco groups in the world with brands sold in more than 200 markets around the world.

BAT Corporate Headquarters Address:

British American Tobacco Bangladesch
Nueva Calle DOHS, Mohakhali
Daca – 1206
Phone: +88028822791-5
Fax: +88028822786

10. Nestlé Bangladesh (FMCG)

Nestlé was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé based in Vevey, Switzerland. And it's the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company. Nestlé started operations in Bangladesh in 1994 and its factory is located in Sreepur, Gazipur. 650 employees work directly at Nestlé and more than 1,000 indirectly.

Nestlé products: Nido, Nescafé, Maggi noodles and soup, Maggi Shad-e-Magic, breakfast cereals such as Corn Flakes and Koko Crunch, Coffee-Mate, Munch rolls and much more.

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Contact address for Nestlé in Bangladesh:

Gulshan Tower (Fourth Floor), Lot 31, Street 53
Gulshan North C/A, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesch
Phone + 880-2-988 27 59
Fax: + 880-2-988 13 02

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